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Message from GTSJ President

Toshinori Watanabe
President of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan
It is my great pleasure to announce that the International Gas Turbine Congress 2019 Tokyo (IGTC2019 Tokyo) will be held in November. This is the 12th international congress organized by the Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ). On behalf of GTSJ, I would like to welcome the participants from all over the world. We received approximately 200 papers from 17 countries for technical sessions. The Keynote and Panel sessions are also planned by the Executive Committee including the panel topics of future aircraft propulsion technology from manufactures’ point of view and turbine technology development for low carbon society. GTSJ intends to provide a global platform for engineers, researchers and users to exchange ideas and results as well as to promote personal networking, with a focus on gas turbines, propulsion, and energy systems. With increasing demand for CO2 reduction, our global collaboration in the energy sector is one of the most important factors for ensuring environmental sustainability in the future. I hope there will be active discussions on the latest research and development of energy technologies, and the participants will be able to foster collaborative minds toward the future global community. I look forward to seeing you in Tokyo.