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Program Session Details


5 day session schedule outline as of October 11, 2019.


Welcome ReceptionNov. 17 (Sun)
Plenary and Technical SessionsNov. 18 (Mon) – 21 (Thu)
Technical ExhibitionNov. 18 (Mon) – 21 (Thu)
Backyard TourNov. 18 (Mon) – 21 (Thu)
BanquetNov. 20 (Wed)
Optional Facility ToursNov. 22 (Fri)

Plenary Lectures

Plenary Lecture 1
November 18 (Mon) 09:15-10:15
NASA Aeronautics Overview and Propulsion Challenges
Dr. James D. Heidmann (NASA Glenn Research Center)
Chair: Dr. Takashi Yamane (JAXA)

Plenary Lecture 2
November 19 (Tue) 11:25-12:25
Key Combustion Challenges for Future Gas Turbines
Prof. Timothy C. Lieuwen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Chair: Mr. Masao Itoh (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)

Plenary Lecture 3
November 19 (Tue) 14:00-15:00
Improving Aerothermal and Aeromechanical Turbomachinery Design
by Combining High-Fidelity Methods with Multi-Stage Approaches
Prof. Joerg R. Seume (Leibniz University Hannover)
Chair: Prof. Yutaka Ohta (Waseda University)

Plenary Lecture 4
November 21 (Thu) 11:25-12:25
How Additive Is Driving the Future of Manufacturing
Dr. Thomas H. Pang (GE Additive)
Chair: Dr. Kyoko Kawagishi (NIMS)

Invited Lectures

Invited Lecture 1
November 18 (Mon) 10:35-11:25
Key Technologies for Future Aircraft Engines
Dr. Frank Haselbach (Rolls-Royce)
Chair: Prof. Damian Vogt (University of Stuttgart)
Co-Chair: Prof. Takehiro Himeno (The University of Tokyo)

Invited Lecture 2
November 18 (Mon) 11:50-12:15
Outline of JAXA’s Project: Advanced Fan Jet Research (aFJR)
Dr. Toshio Nishizawa (JAXA)
Chair: Prof. Damian Vogt (University of Stuttgart)
Co-Chair: Prof. Takehiro Himeno (The University of Tokyo)

Invited Lecture 3
November 20 (Wed) 09:00-09:50
A Review of Computational Aeroelasticity of Civil Fan Blades
Prof. Mehdi Vahdati (Imperial College London)
Chair: Prof. Nobuhiko Yamasaki (Kyushu University)
Co-Chair: Mr. Ziqing Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Invited Lecture 4
November 20 (Wed) 11:25-12:15
Machine Learning for Turbomachinery
Dr. Francesco Montomoli (Imperial College London)
Chair: Mr. Daiki Kakiuchi (IHI Corporation)
Co-Chair: Dr. Herwart Hoenen (Hoenen CS)

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion 1
November 18 (Mon) 15:35-17:35
Future of Aircraft Propulsion Technology: a Manufacturers’ Perspective
Chair: Dr. Tatsuya Ishii (JAXA)
Dr. James D. Heidmann (NASA Glenn Research Center)
Dr. Frank Haselbach (Rolls-Royce)
Dr. Dai Kato (IHI Corporation)
Mr. Yusuke Sakai (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)
Mr. Masanori Ushida (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aero Engines)
Mr. Takayuki Niikura (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Panel Discussion 2
November 21 (Thu) 15:35-17:35
Turbine Technology Development in a Low Carbon Society and a Hydrogen Society
Chair: Prof. Michio Hashimoto (Osaka University)
Mr. Taiji Tomura (GE Power Japan)
Mr. Yasuhiko Otsuki (Siemens)
Mr. Satoshi Tanimura (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems)
Dr. Motohiko Nishimura (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)
Mr. Christer Björkqvist, (European Turbine Network)